Our preferred option

For all of the options, the time it would take the majority of people to get to the specialist emergency care hospital, by car or blue light ambulance, would not change. Over 99% of people travelling by car or blue light ambulance would get there within 30 minutes.


  • Quality of care: Would it improve safety and quality of clinical care, improve patient experience, provide the number of beds needed and solve the issues surrounding workforce, recruitment and keeping staff?
  • Long-term clinical sustainability:  Does it improve access to urgent and emergency care and are there other clinical benefits for patients?
  • Meeting the health needs of local people: What would the effect be on older people and people from deprived communities?
  • Fit with the NHS Long Term Plan: Would it fit with the NHS Long Term Plan and support bringing health and care services together?
  • Access, including travel: What would the effect be on travel and accessibility?
  • How easy it is to deliver: How complex would it be to build and how long would it take? What would be the effect on neighbouring hospitals?
  • Finance:  What is the cost to build and the long-term financial benefit to the NHS over 50 years, which is the planned lifetime of hospital buildings?