The Improving Healthcare Together consultation finished on 1st April 2020. Thank you to everyone who responded in person, online, through social media and by phone and letter.

Click here to read the independent analysis of feedback from consultation report.

This section is an online version of the summary consultation document. We invite you to explore each topic and it’s related documents, then complete the questionnaire to tell us what you think:


  1. Introduction
  2. Who we are
  3. Our history
  4. Why NHS services need to change
  5. Model of care: Proposals to change how we work
  6. Specialist emergency care hospital
  7. Examples of what these changes would mean for you and your family
  8. Comparing the options for the site of a new specialist emergency care hospital
  9. How we evaluated our proposals
  10. What people have already told us
  11. Timescales
  12. We want to know what you think

Complete the questionnaire

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