Appendix B: Community and Voluntary Sector (CVS) Reports

During the consultation period, Central Surrey Voluntary Action (CSVA), Community Action Sutton (CAS) and Merton Voluntary Service (MVS) either organised, or supported other groups to organise, meetings and events with targeted groups identified by the Deprived Impact Assessment and the draft interim Integrated Impact Assessment. This engagement was intended as an opportunity for participants to find out about the proposals and ask any questions, and to understand any particular impacts on these groups, as well as for the CVSs to promote broader engagement and signpost stakeholders to the consultation questionnaire.

Each of the three leading Councils for Voluntary Services has produced a report (attached on this page) outlining the main findings and participants feedback from this programme of engagement.

The main findings from the three CVS organisations have been analysed and summarised in the wider independent consultation analysis report prepared by the Opinion Research Services, which has now been published.

Read the wider consultation analysis report here.

See next steps in the CCGs’ decision-making process here.