Issues Paper Technical Annex – June 2018

Technical annex of the Improving Healthcare Together issues paper June 2018

This document describes the:

  1. Case for change: The case for change describes the key challenges faced by the local health economy – and in particular by Epsom and St Helier University Hospitals Trust – and explains why change is necessary. It also describes the current provision of healthcare in the local area, the needs of the local population and our vision for the future of local healthcare.
  2. Clinical model: The clinical model has been developed to meet local needs for our combined geographies based on clinical standards and evidence based best practice. It includes the model for urgent and emergency care, planned care, maternity and paediatrics.
  3. Framework used to develop potential solutions: The framework describes the standard approach we have used to understand the potential solutions to deliver the emerging clinical model. This document describes a long list and applies a series of initial tests to reach a provisional short list.