Options consideration process briefing note October 2018

Options consideration process briefing note

All of the evidence we are gathering on clinical models, travel, deprivation, equalities and the impact on other providers, plus feedback from staff and the public will feed into the next steps, the options consideration process.

This process helps us to appraise potential solutions in meeting the challenges we face in our combined geographies. The options consideration process consists of three separate workshops, independently facilitated.

We will recruit members of the public to these workshops to represent the range of people who will be affected by any proposed solution. This will include service users, particularly representing maternity, paediatric, emergency and district services.

It will also include people with protected characteristics who may be affected, including age, ethnicity, sexual orientation, disability, carers and those living in socio-economically deprived communities. T

he workshops will also include a mixture of patient representatives, trust representatives, doctors and nurses from the hospitals, commissioners, independent experts and GPs.