Pre-Consultation Business Case (PCBC)

The purpose of this pre-consultation business case is to:

1. Describe the health needs of our combined geographies and set out the case for change: The case for change describes the key challenges faced by the local health economy – and in particular by Epsom and St Helier University Hospitals Trust – and explains why change is necessary.

2. Describe the process we have followed: This describes the governance of the Improving Healthcare Together programme, and the process we have followed to ensure any decision-making is supported by underlying evidence and local stakeholders.

3. Describe how key stakeholders and the public have been engaged and involved in our process: Our early engagement has been extensive and captured a wide range of views. We also set out how we will plan to consult if a decision is made to proceed.

4. Describe the clinical model and potential benefits thereof: The clinical model has been developed to meet local needs for our combined geographies based on clinical standards and evidence based best practice.

5. Set out our options consideration process: We have followed a standard approach to understand the possible options to address the challenges set out in our case for change and deliver our clinical model. This document describes a long list, initial tests to reach a short list, and the evaluation of the short list through defined criteria.

6. Carry out an analysis of financial impact and affordability: We have used a range of financial metrics to assess the financial impact of the shortlisted options, and to test the affordability of each.

7. Set out how we will assure and potentially implement our plans if a decision is made to move forward: This describes the role of assurance bodies and governance around decision-making. An initial view of how any plans may be implemented is also provided.

The programme has worked within the context of other local, regional and national initiatives and will consider any further initiatives as they arise. We have also assessed the impact of changes on the acute providers outside our combined geographies.

This document forms part of the papers (Paper 2) for the Committees in Common in Public meeting held on 6 January 2019.