What changes would there be for women and children’s services?

Most women and children would still receive care and treatment in the same place as they do now. The following women and children’s services will be available at both district hospital sites:

  • Postnatal care
    Maternity outpatients, including antenatal appointments and scanning
    Gynaecology outpatient appointments
    Early Pregnancy Assessment Service (EPAS)
    Antenatal Day Assessment Children’s outpatient appointments
    Neonatal outpatient appointments
  • All children’s consultant-led inpatient services will take place at the specialist emergency care hospital. This includes:
  • Consultant-led maternity and neonatal services: Inpatient facilities will be provided for pregnant women who need consultant-led care. This includes antenatal and postnatal wards, delivery suites and a neonatal intensive care unit.
  • Children’s inpatient services: Children’s inpatient services (if a child has to stay in hospital overnight) will take place here. The children’s ward cares for children with serious illness and complex problems who need care from specialist doctors and nurses. This includes children’s surgery.