Why did you choose to locate the new specialist emergency care hospital at Sutton Hospital?

There are three options which include a preferred option for this investment:

In all options investment is proposed to refurbish outdated hospital buildings at Epsom and St Helier Hospitals, with the majority of services staying at each hospital,

There are three options for the location of the specialist emergency care hospital – a new 21st century hospital facility. The preferred option in the proposal is Sutton, next to the Royal Marsden specialist cancer hospital. Other options are Epsom or St Helier Hospitals.


If the specialist emergency care hospital was built at Sutton:

  • This would mean three rather than two Urgent Treatment Centres locally
  • This assessment found that building the new facility at Sutton would have the greatest benefit for the most people.
    It would have the least overall impact on travel for older people and those from deprived communities, while also having the smallest increase in average travel time for the most people.

A new facility at Sutton would be the easiest and fastest to build – taking around four years.