What are we doing now?

We are working with local communities, councils, public health departments, voluntary organisations, GPs and hospital staff to look at any possible impacts the changes we are proposing, might have in the future. This is called the Integrated Impact Assessment.

We are also working with other local hospitals and ambulance services to review any possible impacts on their services.

All of this information will be reviewed by the CCGs before deciding whether we should hold a public consultation on any of our options.

Our plans need to be clinically and financially robust before we do anything, which is why we are working with local people and their representatives, community and voluntary organisations, local councils, doctors and nurses, and other parts of the NHS to continue to develop and test our options.

No decisions have been made about these services yet. This will only happen after a public consultation, and after all the evidence and feedback has been reviewed.

Below is our proposed timeline, however this is subject to change depending on the feedback from our regulators.