We want to know what you think

The Improving Healthcare Together consultation finished on 1st April 2020. Thank you to everyone who responded in person, online, through social media and by phone and letter.

Click here to read the independent analysis of feedback from consultation report.

The contact details on this page are no longer maintained. Click here to find out more about next steps.

We are keen to hear how you think these proposed changes would affect you and your family, what worries you, what you like and do not like about the proposals and if there is anything else you would like to tell us or think that we have missed. To find out more about our proposal to invest in both Epsom and  St Helier hospitals and build a new specialist  emergency care hospital at Epsom, St Helier  or Sutton hospital, see our key consultation documents.

You can download the full consultation document and the consultation questionnaire – print version

You can also fill in the questionnaire online 

If you would like a hard copy of any of the documents, email us at:  hello@improvinghealthcaretogether.org.uk

or call or us on:

Text: 07500 063191
Call: 02038 800 271

You can message us on Twitter @IHTogether

or visit our Facebook page @ImprovingHealthcareTogether

Talk to us

We are doing as much as we can to make sure local people know about our proposed changes, why change is needed and how you can make comments. We are planning a range of events including nine listening events.

There are many different ways to have your say.

The consultation takes place from 8 January to 1 April 2020.

We recognise that the consultation is about services, options and issues that are complex. If you need help or more information to help you to respond to this consultation, or have further questions, email us at hello@improvinghealthcaretogether.org.uk or call us on 02038 800 271.

If you or someone you know cannot read this document, please contact us by email at hello@improvinghealthcaretogether.org.uk or phone 02038 800 271 and we will do our best to provide the information in a suitable format or language.

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